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Peer Review Panel

The Advanced Aerodynamic Design Center for Ultra-Efficient Commercial Vehicles is supported by a Peer Review Panel.  The panel is composed of ten subject matter experts, representing academia, industry and government.  Panel members are charged with carrying out an advisory role on the project.  The panel participates in an annual review of research, providing critical feedback and recommendations on the project’s trajectory.  Their review of research is integrated into a larger project review with NASA technical representatives and center members.  This review process facilitates course corrections when necessary and ensures that the methods and analysis employed by the team reflect the most appropriate and cutting-edge practices in the field.

Peer reviewers:

Name Institution
Steve Allmaras Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Carlos Cesnik University of Michigan
Daniel Garmann U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory
Scott Miller Sandia National Laboratories
Neil Pfeiffer Consultant
Neil Titchener Aurora Flight Sciences
Robert Nichols University of Alabama Birmingham
Mark Page DZYNE Technologies

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